5 Most Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Services

23 September 2019
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If you are unhappy with your smile, a cosmetic dentist may be able to offer a treatment that helps you feel more confident in your appearance. The following five cosmetic dentistry services are among the most popular. Ask your dentist whether any of them could be right for you.

1. Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is extremely popular as it is a safe and effective way to alter the colour of your smile. Cosmetic dentists use whitening gels containing hydrogen peroxide to bleach stains away from the teeth, leaving them looking bright and white. Sometimes they use this gel in combination with ultraviolet light, which allows it to work on the stains more effectively.

2. Bonding

Dental bonding involves applying a tooth-coloured putty to the teeth to fill in small chips or cover up minor staining. The putty is initially easy to mould into any shape. Once the cosmetic dentist applies ultraviolet light, it permanently sets into position, becoming very hard and strong. The effects of bonding can last for many years before it needs to be replaced.

3. Veneers

Dental veneers are a good solution for larger chips, small gaps between teeth, or minor dental misalignment. After creating a few small indentations in the enamel to improve adhesion, cosmetic dentists use a sticky resin to apply veneers to the teeth. This process creates the appearance of a perfect smile. Both porcelain and composite veneers are strong and durable, often lasting a lifetime with no need for repair or replacement.

4. Contouring

If your teeth are slightly uneven, contouring is another option to make your smile look more regular. During this procedure, a cosmetic dentist sands the tooth into the correct shape or uses a laser to remove tiny amounts of dental material. There are limits to how much material cosmetic dentists can safely remove, so this procedure is not suitable for achieving dramatic differences in tooth shape.

5. Invisible Braces

Invisible braces are a popular modern alternative to traditional metal wire and bracket braces. Invisalign clear plastic aligners are comfortable, effective, and virtually invisible. You can take the aligners out to eat and to brush them, which means they are much easier to keep clean than traditional braces. Invisalign is also a good solution if you want to straighten your smile but do not want to deal with the embarrassment of wearing braces at work or school.

Learn more about these options by contacting local cosmetic dentistry services.