Do Chewies Help Your Invisalign Braces Work?

23 July 2019
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If you have friends who have had Invisalign braces in the past, then they may have given you some tips on how to manage your treatment. Some may have told you that you should use something called 'chewies' on your braces.

What are chewies? How do you use them? And what are their benefits?

What Are Chewies?

Chewies are small rolls of a firm but sponge-like material. They look a little like the rolls of cotton that your dentist sometimes uses to stem bleeding when you have a tooth extracted or to protect your gums when you have a bleaching treatment.

How Do Chewies Work?

In Invisalign terms, chewies are usually used to help patients get their Invisalign braces in place. A roll's firm but elastic nature helps you use your teeth to site the braces correctly.

So, when you put Invisalign trays in, you would put a chewie between your top and bottom teeth. When you bite down on the chewie, it exerts a firm but gentle pressure on the braces. This forces the braces into position firmly; it also removes any air that might be trapped between the trays and your teeth.

What Are the Benefits of Using Chewies?

While you usually get used to putting in your Invisalign brace trays and taking them out again, you sometimes need extra help. It's not enough to attach the braces to your teeth; they need to fit exactly right to work correctly and on schedule.

This can be tricky at some stages of your treatment. For example, when you get your first set of braces, you may not be sure how far to push the braces into position. You may worry about getting the placement wrong or of pushing so hard that the braces stick.

Every new set of braces you get may also sit differently on your teeth. Some go on easily; some are tighter and harder to control. Using a chewie at these times simply ensures that the braces go on firmly and fit where they need to. You don't need to worry about air or loose placement preventing parts of a brace from working on your teeth

It's worth asking your dentist about chewies before you start your Invisalign treatment; they may include some as part of your treatment pack. When they fit your first set of braces, they can show you how to use a chewie and explain when it might be useful to do so.

For more information, reach out to an Invisalign braces service.