Organising payment and billing for in home medical services

17 August 2017
 Categories: Health & Medical , Blog

If you are someone who visits patient's homes to perform medical services it's important to work out a billing system that helps to ensure that you get paid quickly and accurately, so that you can move onto the next job. Here are some tips. 

Choose a limited number of easy payment options

When you are visiting homes you don´t want to have to carry a large amount of payment equipment, so it can be a good idea to limit your payment options to a few easy to manage options. There are a growing number of billing options that can be connected to your smartphone and can even be paid on the spot with a small device that plugs into the phone and accepts credit and debit cards. These options can be fantastic for people who do not carry much cash. 

Communicate your required payment terms when you take the booking 

If you require payment in full on the day, then you should make this clear both verbally when you take the booking and in writing when confirming the booking that you accept payment using the following methods. This means that people can prepare for the payment and there does not need to be any confusion about the types of payment. This can be particularly useful for older customers who might be used to paying with cheque or cash, which a growing trend with medical providers. 

Follow-up with an immediate email bill receipt

If you are asking for immediate payment it´s important that you show the same speed in returning a bill receipt. This allows you to show exactly how much has been paid and allows the patient to claim any rebates that they may be owed from private health insurance or medicare. It also allows them to identify any errors in payment quickly which increases the confidence of the patients in your billing. 

Ask for feedback

Smaller medical providers are often reluctant or too busy to get feedback on billing, but it can be a good idea to send a quick survey after you've had appointments so that you can identify any issues quickly and work out ways to improve your process. 

An accurate and efficient billing process not only makes your business run more effectively, but it also provides a more seamless service for your patients. There are a growing number of smartphone and tablet based billing applications that are ideal for people who run inhome medical services, but regardless, talk to a medical billing services like Bill Medical for ideas on making your billing simple and easy to use.